Does e-Learning increase ROI?

Recent Meta-studies are indicating:

  • Learning saves time without decaying learning benefits
  • E-Learning minimizes travel costs
  • E-Learning minimizes time away from work
  • E Learning is cost effective
  • E Learning can better meet the needs of geographically diverse employees
  • E-Learning provides more consistent course delivery
  • E-Learning can offer more individualized instruction
  • E-Learning achieves consistently better learning results than traditional learning
  • Training results in less employee turnover
  • Customer satisfaction increases with employee training

In 2008, IKEA, world leader in design and retail sale of furniture and decorative objects has set up a training e-learning program to train its managers on the concept of “Discover the IKEA Concept.” Training time was reduced from 14 days to 7 days and the number of trainers from 18 to 2.

One way to increase ROI and decrease expenses may be by implementing technology based training (e-learning).

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